Where wit plus wisdom equals….I forgot.

Just so Mimi casts a wry eye on the virtues and vicissitudes of every day life. Written from the  perspective of one slowly approaching yet ardently avoiding the path over the hill, Mimi answers the rhetorical questions, ‘If not now, when’ and the grown up version of ‘I know, right’?

Gentle readers should be advised that mild exaggeration occurs only when writing about people she loves and events she can’t remember.

Finally putting her thoughts in print to share with others who have delayed their goals, better late than later, that’s Just so Mimi.

Mimi is available for hire to those who are ‘pencil-y challenged’. She writes promotional and personal prose, boasts and toasts. 

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Recommendations available on request.

Time to say yes

Every Friday morning, our newspaper publishes ‘Weekend,’ an insert filled with activities ranging from concerts to art exhibits to food festivals.  Each week, I would...
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Contemplating Costco

Cut in line for samples at Greenville Costco turns into fight between two 70-year-old men, police say —Noah Feit, nfeit@thestate.com, The State Published 12:47 p.m....
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