Warning: the content of these essays may cause side stitches and after thought.

Balancing Being Mom in the Age of Coronavirus

It’s challenging being a mother in these days of coronavirus. It’s especially harrowing for those on the front lines, the ones working in healthcare or providing services that maintain the well-being of others. I salute you all, and I thank you for your efforts to preserve your own balance- and...
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Time to say yes

Every Friday morning, our newspaper publishes ‘Weekend,’ an insert filled with activities ranging from concerts to art exhibits to food festivals.  Each week, I would diligently peruse the pages and think, oh yes, that looks interesting; I should definitely take part in (fill in the blank), while silently congratulating myself...
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Sweet Sixtyeen

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m celebrating a big birthday this year. How big, you ask? Let me give you a hint: I turned ‘Plenty-nine’ last November. Need more clues? This next one has a zero in it. And a six. You know that I’m not still in kindergarten...
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Contemplating Costco

Cut in line for samples at Greenville Costco turns into fight between two 70-year-old men, police say —Noah Feit,, The State Published 12:47 p.m. ET Aug. 1, 2018 People, people, people. What is it about Costco that makes normally rational humans behave like beasts? My best guess is that...
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Blue Jeans Blues

I never thought this day would come In fact, I’m still in awe As recently as a month ago I’d have scoffed and said, ‘Pshaw’ Who me? Why, never! That’s not my style You would not catch me dead And yet, I’m here and breathing Though my face is bright,...
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Yoga…with the best of Intentions

A promise is a promise…no matter what.  How could I disappoint Janie*, the sweetest of my friends? (*Names in this story have been changed to protect Jeanie-I mean Janie’s- identity and to spare me the wrath of Kelly, Brooke and Diane, who have been touting the benefits of yoga for years.)...
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