Warning: the content of these essays may cause side stitches and after thought.

If Not Now, When? Part Two

Before you RSVP to my pity party, please understand that this tale of woe does have a happy ending. But to get there, we have to step back a bit, to a book group discussion I attended in DC over a year and a half ago. Several of the attendees...
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If Not Now, When? Part One

Last month, I was asked to submit a short bio to an organization for which I volunteer. Since I would be co-chairing their upcoming fundraiser, they naturally wanted to introduce me and highlight my credentials on their website. Gasp. Gulp. Horrors. What credentials? You would have thought they asked me to personally...
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Go Bob or Go Home

What do Rapunzel, Cleopatra and Claire Underwood all have in common? Why, a great hairdo, of course. After 50-some years of sporting long locks, the time had come to seek out a new style. In this year of transition, it seemed like the right moment to make the change.  With...
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Tufts Love…A mother sends her son to college

My good friend’s son is driving her nuts. She is counting the hours until he leaves for college next month.  Another pal is experiencing separation anxiety, dreading the moment she must kiss her daughter goodbye. Listening to their woes, I’m reminded of the days before my eldest child, Nicky, headed...
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5 Things That I Am Grateful For Today

Number One: Trader Joe’s, where they ring a bell on your birthday and insist on carding you in spite of your graying hair. Such acts of mercy should not go unrewarded. Blessings upon you and your joeys. Number Two: The make-up person at the MAC cosmetic counter, who nods and coos reassuringly...
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The Lime Green Pantsuit

Dinner at I Baldi in Beverly Hills was typical for a Thursday night. Shining starlets and socialites with their dashing dates strode confidently through the front door. Donning Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Prada, the Italian parade of champions sashayed past our table.  They were gorgeous, of course, no surprise...
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