Warning: the content of these essays may cause side stitches and after thought.

The Lime Green Pantsuit

Dinner at I Baldi in Beverly Hills was typical for a Thursday night. Shining starlets and socialites with their dashing dates strode confidently through the front door. Donning Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Prada, the Italian parade of champions sashayed past our table.  They were gorgeous, of course, no surprise...
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Indignities and Inconsistencies of Middle Age

Friends, please humor me as I lament the inconveniences and inconsistencies of middle age. You are certainly aware of the clichéd hot flashes, the frequent moodiness, and the biggest affront of all: “mentalpause”. Surely you recognize the symptoms: not quite dementia, not quite drunk, as in, ‘Why did I walk...
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Ode to coffee….Like Love

Like love, the first sip is heady and hot Like love, the first sip is much like a shot: Bold and strong… for the weak it is not. Like love, the first sip takes time to brew Preparation and measuring, waiting a few Minutes, like hours, for it to be...
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More is no more

More is no more. That’s right; no more More. This isn’t a joke. More Magazine, that one publication that catered to me has ceased print. Done. Gone. No more. You think I’m being cute. I’m not. I’m too old to be cute. In the past, the editors at More would...
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