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Ode to coffee….Like Love

Like love, the first sip is heady and hot
Like love, the first sip is much like a shot:
Bold and strong…
for the weak it is not.
Like love, the first sip takes time to brew
Preparation and measuring, waiting a few
Minutes, like hours, for it to be done
Then poof! It’s here, victory…won!
Like love, the first sip lingers in your mouth
Then warms your belly as it heads south
The kitchen counter becomes the boudoir
And for just a few seconds you forget who you are.
Like love, the first sip leaves you longing for more
Luckily, you sigh, you just need to pour.
But reality sets in and you soon realize
The second sip takes you by surprise;
It’s good, not great, but still warms your soul
Less cream? More sugar as you dive toward the bowl.
But you know as I do that second sip will fail
To sweep you away like a ship with a sail
Like love, the third sip and fourth are so so
They’re good, not great, but in your heart you know
You’ll finish that cup and long for what was
Not just the tingle but face it, the buzz
The high, the oomph you can’t replicate
That giddy reaction, like on a first date.
Good news, my friends, there’s no need for sorrow,
Like love, there’s almost always tomorrow
To start the process over once more
Percolate, brew then drop to the floor
And thank heavens, like love, first sips come again
Like love, they leave you reeling and when
You’re done, you’re left smiling, you’re not out of luck
‘Cause on every corner there stands a Starbucks.
Like love, my dears, my love of joe lingers
But alas, I’m out of one-liners and zingers
So be kind, be patient and bear with me…
Tomorrow I’ll write, ‘my ode to tea’.