Warning: the content of these essays may cause side stitches and after thought.

Reunion Reboot

Dear Class of ’77 Reunion Committee, Thank you for your kind invitation to attend the upcoming Vestal High School fortieth reunion. Although I must regretfully decline, please allow me to explain my well considered reasons. As fate would have it, I was only made aware of the festivities earlier this...
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A Beguiling Balance

We used to be so close. Every morning, I would greet you with a smile, anticipating your reaction. More often than not, you returned my enthusiasm with a glowing response, which would set the tone for for my day. I’d blow you a kiss as I headed toward my first...
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Santa Writes Back

Dear Mimi, So good to hear from you again. It certainly has been a while and I must say it’s not often that we receive letters from shall we say ‘older’ children like yourself. As we head down to the wire, I thought it best to reach out to you...
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‘Tis the Week Post Election

‘Tis the week post election, and if I had my way Yours truly, yes Mimi, would be president today My first job in office would be a clean sweep Of mean people, bullies and basically creeps I’d hire only those whose agenda was pure A smattering of millennials, a few...
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Fit to be Shod, A Shoe Addict’s Tale

Some people crave candy. Others long for champagne. My weakness is shoes. High-heels or flats, it makes no difference. Because in truth, I am a shoe-aholic. Mind over matter isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially in the midst of the fall collections. Last month, after enjoying a ladies’ luncheon at my...
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If Not Now, When? Part Two

Before you RSVP to my pity party, please understand that this tale of woe does have a happy ending. But to get there, we have to step back a bit, to a book group discussion I attended in DC over a year and a half ago. Several of the attendees...
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