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Vote Mimi

‘Tis the Week Post Election

‘Tis the week post election, and if I had my way
Yours truly, yes Mimi, would be president today

My first job in office would be a clean sweep
Of mean people, bullies and basically creeps

I’d hire only those whose agenda was pure
A smattering of millennials, a few seniors on Ensure

For Secretary of State, someone suave and debonair
And of course, it would help if they have good hair

For Homeland Security, we’d need a toughie
Vin Diesel? The Rock? Bring back Mr. T?

Mr. T

Secretary of Treasury requires a tight fisted pluck
How about your Grandpa? Better yet, Scrooge Mc Duck?

Change Secretary of the Interior to Interior Design:
Use lots of damask and chintz, how divine!

My Secretary of Labor would give a good push
Get folks out there working and off of their tush

Cabinet in place – filled with Limoges and Christofle
Good taste is primo lest the French say we’re awful

When the time came to make an executive decree
I’d make sure that people always listened to me:

‘Be kind to your neighbor, don’t drink cheap wine
Floss often, say your prayers, and we’ll be just fine’

If you like what I’m saying- and I’ve said aplenty
Then next time, Vote for Mimi, in the year 2020!